Thread: Gamers: what are you playing these days?

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    Originally posted by frenchfry164
    Avernum 3

    Both on PC
    what do you think of avarnum frenchfry? I've heard good things about it from a lot of people. The game makers website is dire though...sort of makes me think that the game is similar.

    some entropy with that sink?

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    I'm currently into Star Wars Galaxies.

    I have heard bad from you guys but the game is still new BUT it has changed a lot recently, not so in balanced or buggy.

    The game also has a lot of potential and promise. If any of you guys want to come back and play with some good people and do fun events send an e-mail to Glerk in game on the intrepid server, would be nice to get another C(++) programmer in there.
    Sorry, I play on Ahazi and Gorath It's fun and has potential, but also is buggy and imbalanced. It desperatly needs more Starwarsyness, too...

    But I have a master entertainer, master musician, master dancer that is really fun Only Macrotainers are plaguing me...

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    Im really into the fantasy genre, with games like the Baldurs gate series, Fallout 1 and 2. But I also like Final Fantasy because of its anime style all over it.

    Now I am currently playing warcraft 3 because I like games were you must use your brain and can come up with various strategies and stuff.

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    MS links 2003 my average torny is 10 under.

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    Yes SWG is full of bugs and inbalance but they are reworking a lot of the engine. They are making a new combat engine(not tweaking) and are fixing a whole lot of other stuff.

    The devs for this game actually add new content and fix things regularily, plus they have a good system for keeping in touch with the public via forums and corespondents.

    I think it's mostly holotainers now though, but they still use macros unfortunately.

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    Sims (sad, shoot me NOW! arrrrrrrhhhhhhh!), D2x (1.10 dance around eating hippy mushrooms, so the synergies go from +1% to +1% ), War3 Frozen Throne, and Rise of Nations. If i had a better computer...........

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