Thread: Wow, spammers have hit a new level of stupid

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    Have any of you ever used an electric sanding machine?
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    Have any of you ever used an electric sanding machine?
    You promised you wouldn't tell Xei. /cry

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    It is received wisdom that all people are born equal, yet it seems clear to me that a select group of people has chosen to give themselves a status inferior to that of the rest of humanity. These people are, of course, the spammers, and one can be sure that their hearts are filled with but the evilest intentions and that their minds are ever fixed on the reckless pursuit of money.

    Because their low status is completely voluntary, there should be no qualms about a harsh punishment for the spammers. I am, in general, repulsed by the idea of the death penalty, but it seems too little to rid society of this evil menace. It may even be just to torture the spammers before exterminating them; it would not violate any human rights agreements because, as has already been mentioned, the spammers are a subhuman group.

    I suspect the great powers will inevitably convene under the auspices of the United Nations to issue an international decree forbidding the spammers from doing their evil deed and authorizing states to use even the harshest penalties to eradicate these beasts. It will, indeed, take international law to pluck these weeds from our Garden Earth.

    P.S.: I hope I did not sound too much like George W. Bush, what with the constant use of words like evil, eradicate , and so on.
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    God I'm tired right now

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    How about not opening anything in your mail box that comes from a strange address or sender. Most of the crap I get is easily picked out and dumped in the crapper with a simple clik if the mouse. If everyone wouldboycott the stuff it wouldn't be profitable anymore thus not worth the time it takes to polute the net with it.

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    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    Talking I like this post!

    You guys want to see some REALLY funny spam? Check this site out:
    REALLY, REALLY, funny spam!
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