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    Video card mystery

    This is really weird, my worst video card runs best for games.

    The first video card, is the onboard Intel 865.

    The second card is an ATI Radeon 7000 32 MB.

    The third card is a GeForce mx400 64 MB.

    I installed Need for Speed: Underground while I was using the onboard card. After installed, I put in the geforce card, and the mouse lagged on the menu screens. Same with the ATI card, but to a lesser degree. Does it matter what card I have running when I install the game? Like would it make a difference if I reinstalled the computer game with the geforce card already in there? Because the intel onboard works the best for some reason....but its the worst.


    1) Would reinstalling the game with a different video card in, make a difference?

    2) Out of the cards I listed, the geforce should be the best, right? (i know that card sucks in general still lol)

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    Let me guess, you didn't totally remove all traces of the previous driver before you changed video cards.

    This is especially bad when going from nVidia to ATI.

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