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    For the webmaster:

    About how much space (MBs, not GBs Im hoping ) does take up? How much can your server hold? Im making a site and im wondering how much server space I should get.
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    More like terabytes you moron! j/k
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    #include <complex>
    bool euler_flip(bool value)
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            std::complex<float>(0, 1) 
            * std::complex<float>(std::atan(1.0)
            *(1 << (value + 2)))
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    Unless you wanna make a competing forum as complete as this one I don't think you'll need GBs of space. Get a few good hundred megs and I soupouse you could always get more.
    Why don't you reach webmaster directly instead of using the forum?
    EDIT: I guess the best way to know how much you should get is to make the site complete in you HD and see how much is takes. Add a few megs to that to make up for future ruquirements and you're set to go.
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    The sql database that runs the forum is what will eat up the most ammount of space.

    I'm not sure what the maximum character count is for this forum, but i know a few other vbulletin boards cap off posts to about 65000 characters max.

    Now, neglecting all other tables and fields, and only roughly figuring for post fields in the sql database we can do some *ROUGH* math.
    Now, Im not sure , but i believe sql table fields take up as much space as they are alotted, that is to say a spam post of only one word takes up 63.4kb. Sql might (probably does, but Im not that adept about sql) have space saving methods, but assuming it doesn't....

    assuming posts are configured for 65000 chars max (63.4kb)/field
    this board currently has (not including this post) aproximatly 308,452 posts.
    308,452 * 65000 = 20049380000 bytes.
    20049380000 bytes =-> 18.67244 gigabytes!
    how about them nuggets

    Lets assume that there are space saving techniques for each sql field, and only takes in size what ever is used. The average post count is say........ 450 .
    450 * 308452 = 138803400 bytes
    138803400 bytes =-> 0.12927 gigabytes =-> 132.37324 megabytes. much more reasonable!

    This has been a pointless, and probably innacurate exercise, but wasn't it fun?!
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    And how much bandwidth does the site use?
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