Thread: Windows in ATMs.

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    Windows in ATMs.

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    i dont blame MS, i blame the company for not patching.

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    Yea, windows is used in all kinds of ATM's. At one of the Cineplex's near my house (Sunridge Spectrum), they have ATM's near the doors where you can purchase tickets. One night when I went to purchase a ticket I noticed that the door on the ATM was open, so I pulled out the keyboard and quickly noticed that the machine was running windows. So I played around with it and recorded the address's which appeard to be making the transactions. I also noticed that there were very small packet size restrictions set on the modem, I think they were 140. However, knowing that the computers information would do me no good I took off with a huge roll of ticket paper so that I could print my own tickets at home. The laserjet burnt them very easily, though, so an inkjet is preferable.
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    Blame Diebold. Aren't they the company who created all of the voting machines? Those things have 10000 vulnerabilities. They even (knowingly) used an UNPASSWORDED Access file as a database in the voting machines.

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    >>and remarkably the software itself contains no automatic system for rejecting negative vote totals being reported by precincts, events which by definition can only be nefarious and wrong.<<

    Wow! No basic error checking?
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