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    Help Save BeOS!

    !!!! Attention: One of those annoying URL ads approaching. View at your own risk !!!!

    Okay, maybe some of you know what's going on with BeOS. Palm bought the IP of Be, Inc. and all BeOS users are on the edge of their seats holding their breathe, waiting to see if Palm will keep the development of BeOS alive.

    I know I shouldn't post an URL, but seeing how great OS's such as BeOS only come to die every once in a while, I figured I'd take the chance of community-flaming.

    If you've ever used BeOS and think it deserves a fresh new start with a company that could do great with it, please sign the petition at The petition will be sent to Palm and hopefully they will continue to develop BeOS for public use.

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    hey, HB, unrelate but:

    if you like Nethack (or even if you don't, but like RPGs in general) do a search on for "Nethack Falcon's Eye".

    It's a very nice gui+sfx+music wrap around for Nethack. And it's for Windows, Linux and BeOS.
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    Hmmm...I've never heard of it. I saw the screenshots and it looks pretty cool. I d/led the source; I'll compile it later....

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