Thread: really cool piano solo

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    Cool really cool piano solo

    this piano solo is awesome:

    check it out. i just got the sheet music for it. im gonna be workin on it.
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    freakin sweet. will have to check them out some more.

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    Some music rubbish by me.

    Anyway, yeah it's really cool but there are some crap parts.
    Anyway, kewl d00d
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    Cool! It's by Jon Schmidt. I downloaded the sheet music for "All of Me" awhiles back and it's really fun to play.

    I'm gonna check this one out too. Can you give me a direct link to the Waterfall sheet music? Or is it one of his songs you have to pay for?
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    Heh, I've had that one for years on a burned CD. Good to know that other people think it's as fun as I do.
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    Sounds cool!

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