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    The Bludstayne Open Works License

    I'm working on a license for my software, and I was wondering if I left anything out that should be there, or if anything is contradictory. It is an open-source license.

    Bludstayne Open Works License (BOWL)
    All limitations and priviledges listed herein pertain to the entity and all associated 
    works for which the license is in effect for. For software, this includes all original source
    code, headers, libraries, executable files, and media needed to compile and run the program.
    *   You may redistrubute, modify, release, run, and otherwise manipulate the work in any
        way you wish, as long as it follows the rules listed in this file.
    *   You may never at any time declare yourself as the original author of the work.
    *   If you release any changes you have made to the work, this license is still in effect.
    *   Any time you release a modified version of the work, you must state the original author
        of the work and that the release you have made is an unofficial release.
    *   You may not direct people to the original author of the program for troubleshooting,
        questions, and general support for unofficial releases of the work.
    *   This file must be included with any release or distribution of the work.
    *   If you create a port of the work for another computer operating system, it is still an
        unofficial release of the program, and the same rules apply.
    *   Money or any other material gain may not be made from this work, unless it is an award
        and not a commercial action. This applies to the original author as well as all
        who obtain a copy of the work.
    *   If the work needs any other work to properly function, be viewed, or be manipulated,
        you must make it available if at all possible for no charge. If any cost is involved,
        you must still provide information on how to obtain it.
    *   If you feel that you have a significant enough change to the work that you should change
        the name, this license is still in effect, and you must state that your work is based
        on the name of the original work, and the name of the author who created it.
    *   The work may NOT be used for ANY illegal activities in the country you use it in. If
        you obtain the work, and realize that it is illegal in your country, you must delete it
        immediately. You may not modify it to make it do illegal activities in the country you
        modify it in, and blame may NOT be taken on the original author of the program for
        illegal activities commited by recipients of the work.
    *   If the work is a computer virus/trojan/worm or any related type of software, it may NOT
        be released. If it is, the original author that had turned it into the virus/trojan/worm
        must take full responsibility for any damages made. If the original author of the work
        is not the person who turned it into the virus/trojan/worm he/she is not the responsible
        party, the original author who turned it into one is.
    *   Nobody, including the original author, may claim patent of the work.
    *   This file must be included with the work, NO EXCEPTIONS! If the work is able to be viewed
        in a browser-type software without any explicit download, there must be some way of
        viewing this file stated.
    *   No modifications may be made to this file. It must match up to the file at under the download section. No changes in encoding may
        be made.
    *   If any other version of this license is made, it is a seperate license.
    *   Every source and header file for software must state that it is under the Bludstayne
        Open Works License, and that license.txt (this file) is available.
    This license is copyrighted (C) 2003 Joshua William Taylor I

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    Probably better to ask for a lawyer's opinion straight away.

    I think there are a few lurking around the OSI mailing list.

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    I think that a simple copyright would suffice, especially since there are very few people who read license agreements or EULA's.
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    Like the world needs yet another software licence
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    i like this one

    All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software must display the following acknowledgement:
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, King James Bible)

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    That's the stupidest license that I've ever read. Also:

    "No changes in encoding may be made."

    So you can't even zip it up or make it an RTF file?

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    No, I was talking about the end file. The file that the user would be able to read. So if you zipped it it would be okay, as long as when you unzip it it's in the proper encoding.

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    But thats not what you said fry boy. Remember the law (sadly) cares little about intent and more on what and how it is worded. (Letter of the law vs the intent of the law)

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    Oh, and BTW, forget this. I just trashed it and I now use the Academic Free License.

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