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    Originally posted by Cat
    If you really are a Harvard MBA grad, shouldn't you be capable of starting a legitimate business, not some kind of scam?
    Nope, I don't really have a Harvard MBA.

    And I started the business 4 years ago when I was still in high school.

    And I have started legitimate business that have been very successful in the meantime.

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    Pyramid schemes are illegal in Australia.

    Why should I pay $1 for email I can get free (let alone try and sign up people)?

    The first option will actually loose money for the down-streams.

    If I am a head recruiter and I sign up 240 people.

    It takes 10 min to find, convince and sign them up. == 40 hrs or work. I get paid $60. Minus $1 for my email.
    ie $59 profit.

    You make $180 - costs for no work.

    Yeah I'll quit my day job.

    No next month I take a holiday.

    two people I have recruited sign up 240 people each. (so I have to pay them $0.25 each right?)

    I have to pay them $60 each because of this. I also have to pay $1 for my email.
    ie $121

    You made $720 this month from me/my contacts.

    I have done 40 hours work and my email has cost $62 for two months.

    Sounds fair..............
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