Thread: C++ Basics part two

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    C++ Basics part two

    I made another tutorial, I think it sucks hard, but I want to know why it sucks. You can find it by clicking the link in my signature and click on C++ Basics 2 under Articles and Tutorials

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    I think those are good tutorials, I like how detailed they are.

    I did notice a few minor spelling errors, might wanna run those through a spell check.

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    Today I'm going to teach you to use variables,

    Sorry, but that stood out too much I thought it was a bit much to be looking at if you are a beginner...It would be great to add some visuals and at least insert the code right on that page (in a nice little table or something)

    I also thought color-coding things would be good too. You could put important things in one color, and less important things in another color (probably best just to color code as paragraphs)

    I've always thought breaking things up makes it much easier to understand.

    Just my two cents!
    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
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    What do you mean by color coding important parts? I've never seen that before. Oh, and I said I'm going to learn you to use variables, not teach, it's a stupid joke, I know, but I thought the bubba part at the end would get the point across that it was a joke.

    I tried doing the code in the page with tables, and it is a pain to do. I gotta make a new table every time I put code in, change the text size, etc. It's easier just to put it in seperate files. It's easier to navigate the site too, because you can scroll the page down and still see the code without scrolling back up.

    I appreciate your comments, though! Don't think I'm $$$$$ing at you or anything!

    PS: Thx Glirk! I'm going to run a spell check sometime this afternoon.

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