Thread: Help a couple win a wedding

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    Help a couple win a wedding

    Originally posted on the SA forums:

    Yes, this is a "vote for my friends" thread. But in this case, the people in question are seriously far behind.

    They're in a contest to win the wedding of their dreams (awwww), and only have 9% of the vote. They just got engaged, and I haven't got them a present or anything, so I figured that this is the least I could do for them.

    Moyer-Deetjen is the couple.

    Thanks guys!

    UPDATE #1: 20% of the vote is ours! Also, I unparsed the URL, just to be safe.

    UPDATE #2: 25% of the vote; we've jumped 5% in a matter of hours!

    UPDATE #3: 35 ING PERCENT!!! We're leading, finally. Don't let the gap close!
    I've voted once or twice, it would be cool if you guys voted once, too . It would also be nice if you'd post it on any other high-traffic boards you go to. One of the other couples seems to be cheating, so it's tough staying on top.


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    Ok, I will post this over at the SWG general forums(

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    Awesome, dude . Thanks.

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    I voted a couple of times, I am not quite sure why though.

    I guess 'cos Ken sais so
    Such is life.

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    I had everyone in the office voting for them today, hope they got it. I have a feeling the 4th couple might reconsider getting married

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    This is great...Thousands of people may have voted that don't even know the couple! I love the internet
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