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    Smile Hot date

    A guy has had a crush on a girl at her school for a long time and finally got the nerves to ask her out on a date. He shows up at her door and her dad lets the guy in. Dad sits in a chair across from where he sits the guy and the smalltalk commences while the chick finishes getting ready.
    Dad's dog Buster jumps up on the couch next to the guy and while they're talking the dude starts feeling the worst thing he can imagine in this situation. He feels a nice juicy fart bubbling up in the bottom of his stomach. He holds and holds and holds, but finally the fart wins out and it squeezes out. The guy is horrified and sits frozen for a second until the dad yells, "Buster!" The guy breathes a sigh of relief.
    As they continue talking he feels another fart building up in his bowels and he tightens up to hold it in as he curses the chili cheese burritos he had for dinner. Finally the fart wins out again and an even louder blast lets loose. He looks down at the dog as the dad yells even louder, "BUSTER!"
    Again he is relieved, but only for a short time as the most painful large bubble of gas is begging to be released. The guy thinks to himself, "I can just let it go and he'll think it's the dog." It's the perfect plan. So with a grin he lets loose the loudest, cheesiest, must erupting fart he's ever laid and quickly looks down at the dog. The dad now screams, "Goddamnit Buster!!! Get the .......... away from that guy before he ..........s all over you!"

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    Heard it before. It was funny when I first saw it, now it's just a 5/10

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    Good one

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    Funny ^^
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