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    d00d! i got the coolest thing you can do!!

    I have a copy of Windows 1.0

    Want it?

    You can install Windows 1.0 on their computer (it is only like 1 MB large, and it wont kill the current system on those computers at all).

    Then you can redirect the computer to boot up to Windows 1.0 when it boots up instead of the normal system.
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    HAHAHAH!!!! Yeah I want that, heck I bet I will get extra credit for teaching some histroy, lol.

    Send it to

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    Once we swaped the VGA cables in two computers that were next to each other, do that and see if they can find the cure
    You could also change the bootup screen and say they did it. Try ResHacker, the file is ntoskrnl.exe or something similar. Make sure you keep a copy of the orignal so you can be a hero!
    I like the Matrix-style stuff Isometric did. A full-screen console app would do it.
    Some people almost got sent off class when a messenger ( the "net send" one) alert opened up (yes, even though they had nothing to do with it, I'm starting to regret teaching people ot use it), see if your teacher falls for that.
    >>punch them in the nose
    well, that'll leave traces.
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    you are locked out of C by way of the registry, has the key listed
    have fun
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    you know, there is a delete button for that kind of hting
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