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    Hi Every one,
    I am buying my laptop in a couple of days.. planin of buying a sony Vaio GRT815M.

    What do you think about it.. does any one have had any experience with it

    and for the specs it is

     Micro Processor  IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 2.80 Ghz processor  
     Memory  512 MB (upgradeable to 1024 MB)  
     Cache Memory  L2 cache memory . 512 KB (on die)  
     Hard Disk  80 GB HDD  
     Optical Drives  24X CD-ROM, 16X CD-R, 8X CD-RW, 5X DVD-ROM, 2X DVD+R, 2X DVD+RW, 1X DVD-R, 1X DVD-RW  
     Display  15" TFT XGA 1024x768 (Onyx)  
     Graphics  nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600. Video Memory 64 MB  
     Multimedia  Sigmatel STAC9750 16-bit CD-quality stereo sound 3D Surround AC97    Interfaces  Ports on unit : 2 PC Card Slot(s) 4 pins i.Link port MagicGate MemoryStick slot 3 USB port(s) Audio/Video out Docking Station connector Headphones out Microphone in Ethernet port Parallel port VGA monitor out . PC Card Slot(s) : 2 PCMCIA type I, 2 PCMCIA type II or 1 PCMCIA type III Cards and Cardbus support  
     Modem  built-in modem V.90/K56Flex (56kbps) data/fax modem  
     Network Connectivity  10Base-T/100Base-TX  
     Power  AC Adapter: PCGA-AC19V7 . Battery: PCGA-BP2NX  
     Weight  3.0kg (3600 g )
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    It looks pretty nice, but I'm not sure what kind of advice you are looking for. I have never owned a sony laptop but plenty of my friends have and they seem to like them. They have very nice displays. One point of concern for me is it only has 1.5 hours of battery power? That seems extremely poor to me for a brand new machine considering my two year old Compaq has a little over 3 hours.

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    Well, that mainly is because that vaio is a powerhog, with a p4 2.8(presumebly desktop cpu), and the graphics card, and all the optical drives. Should be a great buy, unless you are on the road for hours and need something with a long battery life, in which case i would go with a IBM centrino based laptop(dont know which one, its around 2000 dollars and has a 5:50 battery life).

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    Go Pentium M/Centrino. Unless you're going for a desktop replacement, a desktop P4 will kill battery.

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