Thread: My head is going to explode.

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    im sick too. im taking sudafed because that clears dries up your sinuses and reduces booger count, but it will also helps your sore throat because sore throat is often caused by mucous dripping into your throat, so if you take sudafed it kills two birds with one pill. this is advice from my doctor.

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    I recently saw a commercial for a product called FluMist.....supposedly takes care of the flu all season, like a shot, but it's a nasal spray. Might wanna look at that.......dunno how effective it would be AFTER catching the flu though .
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    that's cool

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    Originally posted by major_small
    if your head does explode, can i have some of your brain to keep as a souviner?
    Similar to mine...

    If your head actually does explode, make sure it explodes outside. Don't want any awful messes inside.

    I had a flu-cold bug a week or two ago. It was not good. It took me down for about 4 days or so. Cold sweat, all of my senses were distorted. My hearing was messed up and made everything sound slightly muffled. At night, the surroundings of bright lights(lightbulbs outside, headlights, etc.), and bright fine text(roadsigns at night) had blurry edges on all sides. Weird stuff.

    No fun.

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    From Seinfeld.

    *Get well, get well soon, we hope you get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!*

    //I think it was somthing like that

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    i feel for u, ive had brochitis (however u spell it) since late august.
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