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    I'm sure there are many others. Personally, I've done most of my work-related programming at assembly level, but I have done WinCE programming, too.

    Biomedical engineering is a massive field -- there are many, many subdisciplines, enough for anyone interested in medicine and engineering.
    Heh, that reminds me that I should try to learn assembly

    Sounds like a great field, I'll have to wait and see if it still sounds good in a couple years
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    The best thing about it (well, apart from it being f***ing AWESOME) is that it is relatively new, and that it has only tapped a small fraction of its potential. Recent advances -- like the computing explosion, sequencing the genome, the discovery of stem cells, advances in micromachining -- have only BEGUN to reshape the field. I work in some pretty cutting-edge research, and from my point of view, I see the biomedical field has a vast potential waiting for intelligent people to tap. There is tremendous interest, and tremendous money being pumped in, but I think it will take many decades before we'll even slow down.

    In contrast, some areas (like mechanical engineering), although they have sizable areas left to be explored, are more robustly developed, offering fewer opportunities for growth. I think that the Biomedical engineering field has massive opportunity for the next 50 years or so, in that it should be quite easy for an intelligent and talented person to really do very well, much like the electrical engineering from the 1950s-2000s.

    This is the right time for a LOT of major breakthroughs, so if you become the right person in the right place, you can do great things.
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