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    Question Networking Windows 2000 and Windows Me


    I've been meaning to upgrade my laptop's OS to Win 2K, since I've heard it's great for mobile users, but I want to use networking to connect to my Windows Me desktop which has the Internet Connection.

    My question is whether I can network Win2K to Me, with full functionality, including sharing the internet connection, and with the Me desktop acting as a server, giving my other computers the internet connection?

    Thanks for any help.

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    You should be able to use internet connection sharing - free with windows.

    I used to use a prog called Avirt Soho which also allowed this, but I dont have any links - give it a search.

    There are also apps on the net to allow you to launch the server's DUN from the client - though again I dont have links.


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    Yes, but you'd be much better off upgrading your
    desktop to Win 2k pro. It has a much stronger set of
    networking protocols than Win ME. If you must, however,
    you can use Win Proxy to set up your desktop as a server.
    I can pretty much guarantee you, though, eventually
    your Win Me protocols will lose their ability to communicate
    with your laptop. And you will have to remove and then
    reinstall your TCP/IP and, or NetBeui.

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    Yes networking win ME with 2000 works just fine. I run several setups at my work doing just that. ME is BAD about security management and it doesn't play well with others but it works. TCP
    IP or Netbeui doesn't matter that much for home use. NETBEUI is microsoft specific but it is very easy to setup.TCP\IP is more powerful but you need some basic knowledge about IP adresses. Also make sure you get a cable that is designed for computer to computer use (twisted) and not a computer to hub(straight).

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