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    School Deaths

    This is so frikkin sad! My school has just had it's second death to a student in a month. The latest is a 14-15 year old freshman girl. She went to sleep last night and appearantly never woke up. That's all the details I know. The other one was around a month ago when senior Josh Smart made a left turn and got hit winding up dying. I knew of Josh Smart, and I didn't personally like him, but this to happen to anyone this age is horrible. It's really sad to me to see how many people at my school are dying. It's just weird to think that anyone of these people could have been friends of mine, and that would have upset me a lot.

    I thought I'd share that with all of you, because I just think it's really sad that stuff like this has to happen, especially at such a young age.

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    just weird to think that anyone of these people could have been friends of mine, and that would have upset me a lot.
    Whew, well thank goodness they weren't friends of yours, as not to upset you too much.

    This reminds me of a guy my sister knew who hanged himself. On the first anniversary of his death, she kept going around talking about how hard it was for her because she "was the last one he talked to" before he killed himself. Oh how awful everyone felt for her (I'm being sarcastic btw, she's an absolute mongaloid).

    Yeah death sucks, but it's just nature. There's nothing you can do to stop it. Just do the best you can with your life and hope nothing ends it prematurely and your next life will turn out even better.

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    I'm not really upset or bothered by what has happened since it has no real bearing on me. Although, I am deeply sorry for the two kids, their families, and all their friends. I wouldn't have even found out about the latest death if it weren't for someone I know messaging me about it. It was announced during the last hour fo the school day, and I'm out after 4th hour. It's going to be another somber day at my school tomorrow. Poor kids, poor family, and most of all poor girl.

    Btw, I just found out from someone else that she appearantly died from an overdose. I'm not sure of what, though. It shows all the problems a teen may have and what it can lead to. I had an old friend who attempted to overdose but had his stomach pumped in time for him to live. Both of these deaths could have easily been avoided. A sad way for these two people to go.

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    Sorry to hear that buddy,

    but as they say " celebrate life, instead of mourning death"

    some entropy with that sink?

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    Last year a senior or junior at our school died after boxing with his friends. I guess they had got some new boxing gloves and were trying them out and he ever seemed fine for a while afterwards, but then he went unconscious or something and died after they took him to the hospital. Some deaths aren't preventable, but I certainly wish I knew how to handle people who are depressed to the point of suicide
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    I had a friend who died after accidentally hanging himself in eighth grade. He was doing something stupid - he wanted his sister to think he had hung himself, as a joke. He thought the rope was long enough for him to touch the ground. It was an inch too short. So it was his fault, but it was still sad.

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    Last year, a fellow senior died at the end of spring break driving home; no, he wasn't drunk or otherwise intoxicated; a truck in front of his car had nonsecured items in the back; and something fell off; so he tried to swerve to avoid it and another car. He was thrown out of the car, and his girlfriend was injured. I knew the kid--he had been in a few of my classes before, actually one of my classes that semester--so it was a pretty frightening thought to think that a person who you had seen almost every day, even though he's not a friend of yours, is now dead.

    I think my high school also had a couple of people die driving drunk and hilljumping. I didn't know those people at all, though. It's still horrible that they died, even if it was because they did something stupid that naive young people sometimes do.
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    People die

    Life goes on

    Its a hard fact .. but its true
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