Thread: Im doing some research

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    Im doing some research

    im doing some research and i will tell you what im trying later (so you can critique it, ive learned that some people here love that) i dont have much time and want to get this post out please help if this applies to you.

    Could any prgrammer who reads this post if they can speak a foriegn language, if they have tried and have trouple, if you can please tell how many languages you speak?

    Could any person who can speak a foreign language please tell me if they can program or if they have tried and have had trouble.

    If possible please Post in this format:



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    I can speak a bit of spanish...but that doesn't count I do live in California

    And I've gone this far without having trouble programming.

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    I used to speak spanish very well (not quite fluent, but I could converse in it). Been 6 years, though, without any speaking, so I'm rusty. I know some Japanese as well. I don't have a hard time with grammar or syntax, but remembering all the words can be hard.

    And yes, I can program with ease.
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    First of all, this belongs in general discussion.

    Secondly, I have trouble reading your post because of the way it is written.
    I really don't see the relevance between speaking a language other than English and programming skill.

    Anyhow I speak both Polish and French fluently. Also I understand most slavic languages.

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    I must say I'm just a novice programmer, and I'm currently learning French (Not too difficult, besides pronounciation)
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    I been programmign a little while now, Fluent in French and english, written and spoken
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    I am fluent in English and French, and am currently learning German. I have never had any trouble with programming languages. However, I believe this thread is more concerned with people who did not have English as a first language, seeing as most programming languages (if not all) are English based.

    I agree that unless some substantial link to c++ is made, this thread should be moved to GD. Mod?
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    Speak Danish, English, some German, some French. Am learning Spanish at the moment, (was at classes last night in fact).

    Been a professional software developer for 20+ years.
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    I know a little german.
    I have had trouble learning both german and programming.

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    English, Spanish, Japanese and a little bit of Mandarin and Thai. I've also created a two of my own (based on Japanese and Quenya) that are constantly evolving. My biggest problem with spoken language is word order. I think in SVO, but I find I need SOV and VSO most commonly, that trips me up a bit. I've been a professional software engineer for about five years.
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    I'm fluent in Spanish and English, learning French, I'm a novice programmer. Not had too much truble with any.
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    Im fluent in english.

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    Originally posted by RoD
    Im fluent in english.

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    I speak fairly fluent spanish (have trouble writting it though), and a little bit of german I picked up from one of my professors in school. He used to like to count iterations in german during lectures, and after a while I realized that I was catching myself doing the samething

    I am a full time professional.

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    I Speak dutch, english and can understand most and speak a little german. I am a novice c++ programmerand am not having to many troubles

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