Thread: has any one here ever heard of "RM networks"

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    has any one here ever heard of "RM networks"

    can any one here tell me something cool about these anyoing networks

    The woundeful Joseph Goss,,,
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    if you want
    Ermmm,,... hello anyone there?
    i am 15

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    Yes. Research Machines. A school network company. The network at my school runs alongside some RM software. It seems to do its job rather effectively. Turns Windows 98 into a multi-user terminal pretty neatly.

    I would much prefer Unix workstations however.

    If you're running on '98 there are many neat things you can do. XP is bulletproof comparitively. But there are still ways to get _LOCAL_ (i.e. not accessing everyone elses files, that's even more naughty) Administrator privilages on XP. One of which was mentioned on bugtraq not too long ago.

    DEFINATELY not something you should do at school. I just did it so I could get my right click back.

    Stupid right click stealing overlords.
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