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    World Series

    Since I am from Arizona, I am sooooooooooo happy. (and a little bit drunk). I feel a little bit saddened due to NY losing due to recent tragedies. I think it would have uplifted their town quite a bit.

    I called my dad, and he said the streets are roaring with honking cars and screaming people. It is an amazing gathering of happy people.

    I am soo happy right now.... you guys just wouldn't understand.... I needed this for this weekend.

    My car tire tread ripped off my car at 80 mph and trashed the front bumper, side molding and other parts. (not to mention scared my wife and child considerably as we careened off the road).

    I hope you all never have to experience danger and have nice long lives. I love computer people, and you guys are top notch.

    Live life to its fullest...


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    woo hoo! go dbacks!!! randy johnson is my favorite baseball player... right on!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    Thanks DA...

    My wife is calling me to watch the Emmy's so I am off for the night. Take care.

    GO DBacks!!!!

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    I am happy the yankes lost, they win to much.
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    oh the happiness of a yankee hater
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    hehhh, my buddy is a real Yankees fan too. I agree it was real good to see Randy Johnson playing this world series.

    Sorry about the accident Betazep, though I understand. Not too long ago a drunk driver smashed into me. I was doing 35 as per the speed limit. She was doing about 75. Came over a hill in my lane at night with her lights off. I veered just enough to cause her to broad side me instead of smack me head on.

    The impact left one of her wheels (not tire) on my car, imploded a good deal of the front of her car (it even crushed a good quarter of the engine). She went through the windshield not wearing a seat belt. Her injuries: One missing tooth, several minor abrasions. Good to be drunk I guess.

    I was driving my classic car (1951 Studebaker) to the paint shop to finish her off after months of work. *sigh* oh well. Being the tank classic cars are, it fared much better than the drunk's pickup.
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