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    Which Language Was Easier To Learn

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    C++ has some tricky stuff, like template classes/functions, or exception handling, which are a little tough to graft


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    actually BASIC was easiest, but only took in HS and it wasn't that involved. C is HARD for me. But it is coming together.
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    By far Pascal was easiest, took me 3 days to get most of it. BASIC was easy but BASIC was my first language. C wasn't that hard except that I didn't get pointers at first.

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    don't try to learn C/++ if you only know basic and you don't have a book... my advice... and... doesn't this belong in the gen disc board?
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    errr, this is the GD board DA
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    It wasn't here until I moved it...

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    Well I am still learning C++, and I know some C.
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    C is smaller, but I would say that they are both equally easy enough to learn. But I always stress concepts over code - you can't write anything until you know why you are doing it.

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    I nevered learned C, so I voted for C++, but I do believe java is a very FUN language to learn on. A lot of libraries and easy to use APIs so you can have a nice GUI. Downfall SLOW and choppy. C++ is still my power gun.

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    Neither one is harder, just different.

    C++ requires learning new concepts and mastering both the usage of prewritten interfaces as well as how to write them. In my opinion C++ is easier for newer programmers to learn because the simple things are there for them to use and the complex things can wait until they know more about the language itself.

    C is a little more hardcore, there often isn't much room for error in that the learner must understand not just how to use a function but also how that function works and how to write it before they can use it properly. While C++ can be very abstract and give the learner 'padding' to protect them from getting smacked too hard too soon, C doesn't offer anything to keep the learner from being overwhelmed.

    Both languages can be learned in a relatively short time, but I feel that useful C++ programs can be written earlier than useful C programs since the nuances of C are amazingly difficult to master despite the simplicity of the language. Once again C++ has that padding so that the learner can make decent programs without really knowing how the classes they use work.

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