Thread: Lessons in writing good software - part 1

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    Originally posted by Salem
    And if windows isn't your OS, what do you do then?
    It's not like politicians or lawyers give a crap about the minority. The RIAA has already sued their customers for using Kazaa (with a few errors...) so what's going to stop them from alienating Linux/Mac users? Either way, if they would drop the DRM it would lower production costs and not accuse the customer of wrongdoing. Now they just need to drop the piracy inflation on CDs... Universal lowered a bit, I believe.

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    Did the have a disclaimer on the cd that said something like "purchasing this cd and placing it in a computer means you agree to let us put our lame software on your pc..."? If not then he should be suing them for hacking his computer.
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    >>"purchasing this cd and placing it in a computer means you agree to let us put our lame software on your pc..."

    Yes they have a EULA.

    I have 'invented' a copy protection scheme called 'ENCP'. (Emperors New Copy Protection)
    We stick a label on all CD's saying 'don't copy me, please'.
    All honest users will comply, as we asked nicely.
    Anyone that points out my protection is non existant (apart from the label) will get a lawsuit. Which these academics will deserve for helping the pirating bastards who don't want to pay top $ for mass marketed crap, sorry popular, music.

    I'm off to make a few million from Sony.

    PS Look at the 8 year legal battle of Henry Ford and how they sued his customers for buying Ford cars.
    Bet we don't see Kazzar supplying indemity insurance with their software (as Ford did).
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