Thread: PC Scam Artist?

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    PC Scam Artist?

    I have been reading threads on this guy all over the web. Many people think he is simply a scam artist attempting to rip off VERY rich people that don't know any better. I had never heard of him until recently.

    Check it out

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    Absolutely stunning design combined high-end european critical components quality worksmanship.
    Has to be fake

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    It's legit actually... when I originally saw the press-release for this "thing" a while back, I looked into the company, and called them up... they laughed at my question about if it was real, and told me that it wasn't the first time they'd been asked that question over the phone It's not a "him"... Liebemann Inc, is pretty big, you haven't heard of them probably because they target the scientific community, mostly.

    But geezuz gawd, that $8,000 PC.... ::drool::

    Seriously, if you doubt them, call the company.
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    PuRam: Built-in $4,999.00 $4,999.00
    3_8_Storage: 250GB_7200rpm
    SCSI: Ultra-SCSI320_4_73_GB $3,020.00 $3,020.00
    Fiber-channel: Built-in $699.00 $699.00
    Graphics: nVidia5900_256MB_Booster $214.00 $214.00
    High_Definition: Built-in $49.00 $49.00
    Bay_1: DoubleSlotLCD-Green $205.00 $205.00
    Bay_2: 8xDVD-RW $247.00 $247.00
    Bay_3: DoubleSlotLCD-Green $205.00 $205.00
    Audio: Built-in
    IEEE_1394a_Firewire: 2_Ports
    IEEE_1394b_Firewire: 3_Ports $95.00 $95.00
    USB2: 8_Ports
    PCI_Expansion: None
    Modem_GigaLAN: Built-in
    Power_Supply: 550W
    Input_Device: Keyboard_Mouse $99.00 $99.00
    Operating_System: Windows_XP_Pro
    Warranty: Extended_Enterprise $349.00 $349.00
    Total cost: $24,163.99

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    I gotta get one of them. Oh and look guys-it has XP PRO. I am really impressed now. Wonder if you get the real disc? Hmmm
    Such is life.

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    how would this be an advantage to anyone? no one makes any application or webpage or anything assuming the user ising running a 32546536 x 35654343 size screen! wut if u hit the maximize button and it spreads ALL THE WAY OUT damn! lol. i wouldnt think 3.8 gigz would be able to handle the pixels
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    Thats crazy. Their worst laptop is about 20 times faster than my desktop...
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