Thread: How's your sonic Hedgehog?

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    How's your sonic Hedgehog?

    They say that if you play a Windows Install CD backwords, you hear satanic messages. That's nothing; play it forward and it installs Windows.

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    Is that a joke? Who would name a brain chemical "Sonic Hedgehog"?
    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
    I know them not: not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I ought."
    -John Milton, Paradise Regained (1671)

    "Work hard and it might happen."

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    But further research is needed to develop Sonic Hedgehog into a medication, and that is expected to take years.

    Yeh, I said that when I first played sonic spinball...
    Such is life.

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    I think my Yoshi is doing well, but Spyro Dragon is a lot better. My Metroid is acting up though.

    How's your Megaman?

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