Thread: Un-believable!

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    Colts vs Buccs game! 21 down with less than 4 mins to go in the game. Colts win in OT. Enough said!

    check out espn or whatever to find out more about the game

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    That was the most amazing game I've ever seen.

    And what's with the leaping rule? A makeup call for roughing the kicker during the Tampa punt?
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    Leaping rule?
    Tampa punt?
    American Football?

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    Dang, missed that great game, went to bed with the Bucs leading by 21, thought there was no way the great Bucs defense would allow a comeback. Wake up to find out what a great finish I missed

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    I have done the same thing as PJYelton...I was sure there was no way that the Colts would make a comeback, and I also shut the TV when the Bucs were leading by 21....Geeze...who would've known.

    I guess Colts are for real! Before the bucs they didn't really have a talented team to play against, but now, after bucs, I don't know......

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    It's an awful long time since I last saw a game of American Football. At that time both the Colts and the Buccs were cannon fodder teams to be whopped by the big boys.

    Whatever, that is a hell of a comeback. Presumably 3 td's in the last 4 minutes?
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    Love the Colts
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