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    A new project

    I'm fairly confident with C\C++ skills. I'm considering making a DB program. I will be writing my code for a console app; how hard will it be to move my finished program to a windows app: I have Petzolds book so I dont think I'll have to many windows problems, just a curious look ahead!

    Thanks in advance
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    Depends on how well the program is designed. To "easily" move it to a windowed environment, you'd need to keep the core functionality decoupled from the interface (which is good programming practice anyway). That way, your windowed interface would only need to create the appropriate objects and call the appropriate commands when things change. How easy it is to build the GUI itself is another question altogether. It depends on what library you decide to use - WinAPI for example, can be a pain; something like Qt or GTK on the other hand, can simplify life a bit.
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