Thread: scientific calculators with compilers?

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    scientific calculators with compilers?

    I was reading another thread, and everyone said they spend their whole entire math class coding.

    Anyways, this led me to believe that there's calculators out there with compilers on them.

    Anyways, if not, are there any good pda with compilers on them.

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    A lot of calculators have a scripting language you can use. TI-83 has a BASIC-like scripting language.

    You CAN compile stuff for a calculator, but you usually compile it on a computer and send it over with a link cable.

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    Cool, thanks.

    Is there a c++ or java compiler for any scientific calculators?

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    Generaly you gota use the calculator's assembly language
    Which could be fun to learn

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    My graphing calculator has the rudiments of a BASIC-style programming language, but it sucks to type anything on a graphing calculator. If you program in your math class using your graphing calculator, you have much more tolerance for tedium than I do.

    I think you can get a C compiler for the TI-8X series of calculators, but I don't know how much that would cost or what features it would have (I don't think it would be considered a hosted implementation of C). I think the TI-LINK software includes some assembler for the Z80.
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    >>Generaly you gota use the calculator's assembly language
    Which could be fun to learn

    Sounds like a good idea...Where do they have information for that--on the website?
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    You can use C on the 89/92 series calcs. It's not natively supported, but then again the only language that is natively supported is TI-BASIC. I don't believe a C compiler has been created for any of the other calcs.

    Assembly is an option for pretty much all TI calculators.

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