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    Exclamation derren brown

    david blaine suddenly falls off the weird scale.

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    Yeah... huh?

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    Its about reading peoples inflection in their voices.

    the punter from the audience would be very nervous and so with some small skill you can tell where they put the bullet.

    Its like the old card trick you play on drunk people.

    Get them to pick a card.
    Shuffle the pack.
    Deal out the cards in some 'showy' fashion, watching their faces.
    Their expressions will change when they see their card.
    Keep dealing out cards to give the impression you have made a mistake.
    Ask them to bet a 'beer' you can't find the card.

    When the bet is down pick up thier card from the ones you have already dealt.

    If you can't tell which is theirs just tell then you stuffed up.......

    Never play this on someone you can't outrun.........
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    Its about reading peoples inflection in their voices
    I have a suspicion Derren Brown is more magician (though a very clever magician with very good patter) than psych student.

    I thought he gave a very good performance though, making a 'mistake' was a great way of upping the tension.

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