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    Angry Physics homework (new)


    The neutral hydrogen atom in its normal state behaves in some respects like an electric charge distribution which consists of a point positive charge of magnitude +e surrounded by a charge distribution of negative charge whose density is given by

    -p ( r) = C exp(-2 r / a )

    Here a is the Bohr radius, 0.53E-8 cm and C is a constant with the value required to make the total charge e.

    (a) What is the net electric charge inside a sphere of radius a?

    (ANS : 0.68e)

    please help & thanx in advance....

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    use gauss's law and integrate over area of shell...get the E field and find the charge.


    some entropy with that sink?

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    I guess you need to know where inside that sphere the nucleus of the hydrogen atom is located.

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