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    It's So Nice

    I wrote a long list for my (in creation) website, but I wrote it chronologically backwards. I tried seeing if Word or Notepad allows you to reverse your text, but I wasn't able to find anything that does. So I decided to whip up a quick program to reverse the text for me. Waaalllaaa I now have my text reversed just how I want it in no time at all. Ahhhh it's so nice being able to program. The luxuries of it can be boundless at times.

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    O yes i do this type of remedial work all the time through coding. Say i have a bunch of files in a similar format and i want to harvest one field of data from all of them. I whip up a 5 minute C++ app with my flakey msft compiler, and run it all afternoon. Then it looks like i work a thousand times faster than secretarys when all i really do is trick my computer into doing the work for me =P.

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    Saw a contest where a big word was mixed up.. had to find the word by arranging the letters right.. wrote a program to generate all possibilities and checked it through word to get the right word ... i like it

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