Thread: Best Book in the World!!!!!!

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    Yes I agree the giver is a good book.

    >It's hard to explain. It's basically about a community of people that don't fight, do bad things, have emotions, etc. They're like robots almost, but they're human. Eveyone in the community has a job and the book is about the job of the Giver. He's the only one in the community that can feel emotion. He keeps the memories and emotions of the past so the rest of the community doesn't have to mess with them. <

    Everyone is given a job, a name, children, husband or wife. They don't choose them. Every year you are given something, such as a bike at 7 (not sure about age), until a certain age when they are given a job. No one can see color except the giver.

    *I don't rember names so I am making them up*

    The book is about John. One day he is thowing an apple back and forth with his freind dan, and it changes but he does not now how. So he takes it home, aganst the rules and is punished. I belive a couple of other things change to. They day comes when everyone gets older and recives there gift. His age group was getting there jobs. Everyone is given there gift in order, so he know when he is suposed to be givin his job. But he is skipped. After they finsh given out jobs, everyone is wondering why john is not givne a job. Then it is annoned that John was not given a job, but choosen to be the next giver.

    Now go buy/borrow the book.
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    The giver is a great book, it should be read as soon as possible.

    Any Asimov fans out there? i thoroughly enjoyed Nightfall and i'm looking for some other stuff to read by him.

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    >The BIBLE. <

    Thats a great fiction book.
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    God is my favourite fictional character =P

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    Giver's good...

    but Ender's Game is better!

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    I can't wait to read the Giver!
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    >*I don't rember names so I am making them up*<

    It was Jonas or Jonah, not John.

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    I have to favorite books:

    The art of war by Sun Tzu

    Isaac Asimov's Second Foundation


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    let's not get into a fight here...

    flatland is a great book! we read it after the AP test in calc... it's fun and interesting at the same time... [how can you go wrong with that!?]

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    'Contact' by Carl Sagan(?) [not the movie]. A good disection of science vs religion. Not a light read though.

    In the SciFi range I like 'The Anubis Gates' by Patrick Tilley. (I think). He writes historical fantasy. Great theory/explanation of time travel.
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    CW2 was a good book.
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    You guys read the Chrysalids?

    ^ that book sucks... worst i have ever read...

    good books huh...

    lord of the rings
    anything forgotten realms or dragonlance
    any of shakespears plays... lol guess its not a book

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    I loved Douglas Adams' "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" series, including "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe", "So long and Thanks for all the Fish" and "Mostly Harmless" Can only recommend these ...

    Sadly Adams passed away a few month ago

    "Barbarians led by Bill Gates" was also a very interesting and funny book to read.

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    Hehh, I'm just now reading those Hitchhiker ones (I know, took me long enough!) Hilarious. So many general discussion thread potentials..
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    A Brief History of Time

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