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    Im pretty sure mine is in my sig still

    I havent updated it for a long time. It will get a complete overhaul next summer, if I have time.

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    My website

    Never jad the time to complete it. WA one of my project when I was busy with my CS course
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    This site has been optimized for viewing on a 1024x786 resolution moniter with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 because Netscape sucks and so do I
    I fixed your quote, because Netscape certainly does not suck.

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    Totally Netscape does not suck. They offer their 7x browser for Linux users - and it works nicely. I rarely use another browser except to see how my pages look in another browser.

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    well... to each their own... I don't like netscape because of the whole plugin thing... with my experience it's alot slower (while loading the program) and I don't like the way it starts up...
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    From Sang-drax's site

    If you can see this, you're not running Windows 95/98.
    The Windows 95/98 user is right now enjoying this, and later he will enjoy this.

    If you too want to protect your websites against W9X users, try adding this code at the top of your HTML document

    <img src="C:\con\con" width=1 height=1 border=0 alt="">

    Or, even better, send it to him with a HTML email. The result is instant and destructive!

    For more info, try this article.


    The screenshots you saw are from actual tests of this bug, captured by Petter Strandmark.
    Now that is kind of funny.

    edit: Why would you want to 'protect your websites against W9X users'?
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    It's not completely done yet. I just have the design layout finish and that is it. I'm going to work more on it today and tomorrow.
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