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    I just noticed that if I turn up my headphones on my computer and move a scrollbar that it make a slight humming noise. Is something not shielded correctly or something?

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    all the computers I've owned due the same thing...I think it is somekind of a noise that is permitted when transferring electric ranges...but I'm probably wrong...


    some entropy with that sink?

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    Ditto. I've had it happen too.

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    get your electrical pencil sharpener and plug it in 1-2 feet away from your CRT monitor, lift it off the table and proceed to sharpen a pencil... the effects are interesting to say the least and have everything to do with magnetic fields the concept for the headphones is pretty much the same

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    Yeah, the electric pencil sharpner beside your CRT monitor will make you freak out first time. *GASP* My POOR MONITOR!!!!!!Q$#@!$!@#%

    I've never had the headphone thing happen though. :-/ I have my home theatre/surround sound system wired into my computer. My receiver amps my computer VIA 1/8" headphone plug --> 2 gold RCA plugs --> Receiver. Never had it happen with headphones either. Of course, to achieve an increase in volume, I always plug my earphones directly into the sound card's output instead of the speaker's headphone jack.

    Ah well.
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    I had kept my cell phone near my monitor ... and just then I received a call

    I was aghast for a moment !

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    edit:: nm, i completely misread the post... wow...umm...

    in my vast knowledge of electricity and radiant energy:
    basically, electricity creates noise, so does the tube inside your monitor. Sound in your headphones is the result of electricity, now, electricity being a noise generator is also easily affected by noise from other sources ( I can make machine parts move by crossing wires over one another ). When you move the scroll bar the monitor is quickly changing the colors of the pixels, etc. You ever notice the refresh rate is measure in hZ? Ahh, a clue! The frequency of this creates line noise going to your headphones, thus, the humming. I'm sure you could recreate this situation with a lot of things besides the scroll bar.
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