Thread: help with a calculus problem: toothpaste

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    Vol of tube - vol of water that fits in it=vol of toothpaste remaining

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    determine the volume of an empty tube, write it down, find the volume of your partial tube and write it down.

    ok, subtract the volume of the empty tube from the partial tube to find the volume of the toothpaste.

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    Wouldn't the volume of the empty tube be 0 :S and when you say "determine the volume of the partial tube", thats what he's trying to figure out, he needs ideas on how.

    lol and silvercord you have a dirty mind, I didn't realize it could be taken that way until you laughed. Then I was laughing for hours!

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    Disolve all the toothpaste in water, let water evaporate until it becomes toothpaste(not dried toothpaste).

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    My step grandfather made an invention. Basicly it is a board with a roller. You stick the toothpaste in the box like board and the roller squeezes the toothpaste out. If he had only created the pump tubes.

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