Thread: What are you doing?

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    What are you doing?

    What are you doing right now?

    I'm sitting here in my boxers drinking my fifth can of calsberg lager. The girlfriends *****in about me not painting the walls, why can't she paint them? F***ing women.

    Oh well, time for number six.
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    >>Oh well, time for number six.

    I知 catching up on you, I知 at number two (but it痴 going to be a long night ). Only, I知 drinking the best beer in the world: Maes pils (Homer voice: hmmmmm beer)

    As for what I知 doing right now: just surfing the net. Think I知 going to play some UT.

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    Well, I think I'm at my computer right now... or maybe I just THINK I am... yeah, that's it. I'm probably somewhere out in the street talking to the neighour's cat... or stuck at home with homework... or at school... work....

    ugggggh, snap out of it, D, you're scare me

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    Thinking how great is going to be to do some more painting tomorow.
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    I'm catching up on this board, I haven't been here for more than 24 hours!!!


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