Thread: it doesn't matter :D

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    it doesn't matter :D

    A discussion at an American airport, in the immigration office:
    - Name?
    - Muhjmatil Sahtamil.
    - Sex?
    - Three times a week.
    - I mean: male or female.
    - It doesn't matter...

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    2/10 Lame

    Also, i didn't understand the middle eastern name part. thought it was going to be a terrorist joke.
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    I heard it before, but it's a good one
    I'll give it a 7/10

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    PS: I had two lines of dots, so don't delete this. Thank you.

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    I didnt get it right away.

    It is rather lame, I dont think it deserves anything over a 5/10

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    Is this an attempt to make a joke about arabs being homosexual and/or having many wives?
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    nah, it is just making fun of people that don't know english very well.

    But a Belgian name in it like Eddy Wally or something if that makes you feel better

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    I thought it was pretty good. It was quick to the point and quite humorous for a small little joke. No need to be so critical. Take the joke for what it is.

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    Originally posted by ZakkWylde969
    Is this an attempt to make a joke about arabs being homosexual and/or having many wives?
    This joke could be interpreted two ways: 1. the obvious homo part...haha...but no and 2. that our nation is targeting and stereotyping arabs....haha but no again.



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    I dont think that's an arabic name...tho any other name should be fine...
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