Thread: real ai within 30 years?

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    And then he said something abt the force being superior to the current tech they had..
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    Originally posted by the Wookie
    I don't think so. Neural networks are basically designed on how the brain works. To me, 30 years sounds reasonable, especially at the current rate of growth for out technology.

    Neural networks are designed to conform and 'learn' from whatever data it gets. And there are plenty of people researching on ways to make this better.

    Machines can't think with emotion, but they can with logic as we do, and they can do that better than we can, if not just as good
    The fundamental difference, though, is that a computer is a discrete time, discrete amplitude (digital) system. Our brains are continuous time and continuous amplitude (analog) systems, although things like neural activity are binary events.

    The neural nets of today try to simulate the TOPOLOGY of the brain, but they operate in nothing close to the same way. Artificial neural nets are, essentially, matrix multiplications potentially followed by nonlinear operations. They iterate over solutions one time-step at a time. Our brains are asynchronous -- although there are rythmic oscillations in many areas, the system as a whole does not work in snychronization with any clock signal. Our brain is much more like an analog computer than a digital one.

    Now, nobody builds fully analong computers these days because they are difficult to construct, difficult to program, pretty much difficult to do much of anything with. But they're blazingly fast; even a simple analog computer built for a particular task can reach the answer before any digital computer.

    They also have an incredible complexity that digital systems cannot match. Part of the reason we USE digital systems is because they are of a complexity that we can deal with.
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    >>I intended to insert "necessarily" and "also" in my state ment to force the point that technology advancement includes enhancement. However, I was in a hurry to get out to my classes.

    Oh right , that would hold up great in court...

    >>As for "people like me" -- you know nothing of or about me.

    I never said I personally know you, its the people that THINK like you, learn how to quote. Dont put words into my mouth.

    >>As for "major setback" -- Ehancements to existing technology are what are responsible for the LEAPS and BOUNDS technology has made in the past 15 years. The desktop computer thats being put to waste by your use wouldnt be able to play the games you like, or view the websites you surf with out enhancing existing technology.

    I agree that some of the technologies are produced by enhancing existing technologies, but is also because they are accepted by the majority of the people. However, there are technologies, which COULD be better, but its pretty hard to introduce something new into an area that has existed for such a long period of time.
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    He is obviously insane.
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