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    drug testing

    I have a question. Its about time for me to go job searching and I'm currently on prescribsion Oxycodone (however you spell) because I was in a skateboarding accident and broke my ankle. So I guess if I was to get drug tested I would fail. So does this mean I can't get a job?
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    it shouldn't... just tell your employer about it and bring a doctor's note...
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    Also is the drug in the same family as the general drugs they check for? If not you'd most likely be ok. But as major_small said just tell them and bring the rx

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    My dads a correctional Segant for the are prison and he has random drug testing. They raise hell every DT because he takes (spelling errors all over) oxycottin, percaset, zanadine, skalaxin, 800MG motrins, and a few other high end ones that escape me because of his back and leg probs. If hes ok, your ok.

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