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    Unhappy File Existence Check :(


    For a portion of my project, I need to check whether there are files (of specific extension) exist in a folder.

    Let me explain it by example:

    There is a folder name: Prog
    I have to check every 10 seconds, is there any p01.cpp file or not?
    There may be multiple files..........


    And I have to get the name of all of the files that comes in that folder in every 10 seconds.

    And after that I have compile each of them and save the result like



    Then I'll remove the file from that folder so that it can't be in the list of compilations while those are already done

    It will be better if the code can be written in C++ the compiler I am using is Borland C++ 5.02 and the bcc for file compiling.

    I'll redirect the compilation result in that p02.txt...............then guys
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    Try adapting one of these examples to read a directory.

    Also, here's some sleep info.
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