Thread: how do you type?

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    I'm a touch typest/bash keyboard. I took keyboard classes in middle school. And there are many sentances I can type from memory. All the other times its an educated guess. With a bash of the fingers.
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    I hit keys with my hand. If I stop to think about how or what I am typing (as I am now), I end up hitting the wrong keys and typing random gibberish (which slows me down significantly). If I don't think about it, I don't have to look at the keyboard, and somehow, the right words appear.
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    I'm a touch typist, I guess, if that's what it's called. I don't look at the keyboard, except for a few special keys and whenever I get tired of looking at the screen. Like Waldo, I use my left-thumb for hitting the space bar. I think there is something else I do differently with either the x or c, but I'm not really sure what the proper way is anymore so it's normal to me. I had a lot of typing practice during elementary school, but it wasn't till my typing class in 7th grade that I finally became a touch typist and got fast at typing.

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    i usually dont look at the keyboard, except when I am thinking.

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    for some reason I always look down at my keyboard before I start typing, but I do it so fast so I can't see anything, never look at it while typing, usaly get confussed if I do...
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    My only idiosyncrousy with typing is that I only use the Left shift key - for caps on keys both left and right side. Even though it was highly emphasized that you use the left $$$$ to make caps j-> and right shift to make caps <-f. Of course my typing teacher didnt care - as I was fast enough as it is.
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    I never learned to type, I've just been with computers so long that I sorta picked it up.

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