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    Back to School

    I know that some of us are probably getting ready to start another year of school. I was just wondering what grade y'all are in (if you're still in high school), or what year of college/university you're in, and what you're studying.

    I'm goin' into grade 12, with physics, algebra and chemistry as my first semester.
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    im heading into my 3rd year of a BSc in Comp. Sci.

    my first term cmput courses.
    cmput 301: GUI programming
    cmput 340: Numerical Methods
    cmput 366: Intelligent Systems (AI)

    second term cmput courses.
    cmput 325: Non-proceedural programming languages
    cmput 379: Operating Systems
    cmput 411: Computer Graphics

    im also taking some math and art options in there too. Japanese and some more linear algebra.

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    9th Grade
    -College Prep Biology
    -Advanced Algebra II/Trig
    -Advanced English I

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    First full year of collage.

    Trig, PASCAL, Intro to computer science, and in the second 9 weeks English Writitng (Critial Thinking).

    I could challange and skip the pascal and intro class but it transfers to the University systems so its worth it for a free A

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    I'll be entering Drexel University as a freshman this fall. Unfortunately, due to their quarterly schedule, I don't get to move in until the seventeenth. Don't ask me what I'm supposed to do until then, because I don't have a farking clue.

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    Senior in HS. Schedule:

    Independent Study C++ (hopefully)
    AP Chem (2 hour block)
    AP Statistics (lol, my slacker class)
    AP US History
    AP Calc BC

    It's going to be a lot of fun, I think.

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    Grad 11

    -AP Calculus I
    -Hon. English 11
    -French III
    -AP US History
    -AP Chemistry

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    Junior in High School.

    AP Everything and Spanish. Graphics Design's in there somewhere too.

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    Hah, my school offers a whopping total of 7 aps. AP Calc AB (already taken), AP Spanish (already taken), AP US History (already taken), AP Engligh Lit (am taking), AP Chem and Bio (never offered due to lack of enrollment, even though I sign up for them), and AP Art (a very tough class ).

    I'm so desperate that I'm taking an online gifted youth program from stanford (Calc C).

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    Grade 10...nothing interesting...
    French 2
    "word processing"

    cause I needed an elective and I've never taken keyboarding--erm, I mean word processing...*cough*

    I get to take two english classes next semester...
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    Going into my third year of Comp Sci - BSc.

    I cant remember what I have second term.

    First term I have a Data Communications course, a Web Design course (Java stuff), a politics course and a DB course, which I believe is SQL.


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    11th grade with pretty hefty classes. Lets all thank God for study hall:

    1. study hall
    2. american literature/composition
    3. honors french 4
    4. honors physics
    5. lunch
    6. honors advanced pre calculus
    7. ap computer science (java)
    8. ap us history

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    Easy schedule ahoy (I started school a week or two ago. 11th grade):

    1st semester:
    Calc Honors - The AP calc teacher assigns assloads of work and I hate math. I couldn't take it all year round or I'd die. Not that my calc teacher isn't a $$$$$ too, though.

    AP English - Nice, new teacher. Fairly easy class. I'm good in english, no sweat.

    Sociology/Psychology - Hooray for electives. Easy class with the coolest teacher ever. Barely do any work, just reading the book and listening to lectures/watching movies.

    American History Honors - My history teacher TRIED to get me into AP, but I wouldn't let it happen. I like having a variety of classes, so only one all-year class was enough. My easiest class of the day - we actually labeled the 50 states for chrissakes. Everyone in AP is miserable .

    2nd semester:
    AP Environmental - One of the only half-year AP classes. Easy AP credit.

    AP English - still with it.

    Web design - Because "Playing videogames all hour" doesn't fit on the schedule forms.

    TV Production - hahahaahaha.

    I can't wait for the 2nd semester goddamnit.

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    You guys can't touch my joke class. My course literally (as described in the course listing) is to talk to little kids about their problems and try to help them out.

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    Freshman in college:

    -English composition 2- I already took eng comp 1.
    -Intro to business
    -Principles of marketing
    -Principles of management
    -Sales principles


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