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    Started 11th grade two weeks ago.

    First Semester:

    1. Web Design
    2. Honors Pre-Calc
    3. A+ Mentoring
    4. Adv American English
    5. American Government
    6. Academic Lab (study hall)
    7. Honors Physics I
    8. Accounting I (fun stuff!!)

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    >Lets all thank God for study hall

    Yes... I live in the ESC room, the Science Library, and the EVA room... hehe...

    Going into my second year of College... for a BSEE and BSCE

    And here are the arbitrary course listings to match!

    ECE 113A, 113LA, 144, 170, 186
    Math 114A
    Physics 52A
    Uni Studies 3

    Haha... =)

    Looks like I'll be living in engineering next year...

    Oh and a little tidbit about my school, it's a giant circle (the road being affectionately known as "Ring Road")... and has a park in the middle of it, it's a beautiful environment and I love it. Also, all of the technical schools are on one side, and non-technical on the other. IE Bio, PS, Engineering, ICS, then we have Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Social Ecology, Management, etc... Neat! =) Now you know!
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    Senior in highschool

    semester 1:
    physics gr 11 (didn;t take it last year)

    semester 2:
    writer's craft
    some graphics design thing
    programming or biology (haven;t decided yet)

    BTW, this summer was too short
    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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    grade 12
    all year:
    IST (information systems technology, I get to do what I want in that class, usually programming my game, because I know more than the teacher, and I always get an A)

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    942're a head nurse now?

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    Senior in high-school. I'm taking a relatively easy year (as I've really taken all the APs that really interested me). Anyways:

    - AP English
    - Humanities
    - AP Comp. Sci. (Java - as I already took the AP in C++)

    1st Semester
    - Robotics
    - Cryptology (from Univ. of NM)

    2nd Semester
    - Linear Algebra
    - Finite Element Analysis
    - Something else from UNM (a math or modern physics course probably) but they haven't posted their spring schedule yet
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    yes, but only from the consummate department

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