Thread: WHAT OS do you use??

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    Oct 2001
    I have:
    BeOS Pro 5.0
    RedHat 6.2, SuSE 6 (I think)
    SuSE 7.2 Server (Best Linux I've seen)
    DOS 6.2, Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME (don't mean to, honest), 2000

    I had to port some apps from DOS to Linux a while back, but now don't use DOS really. The old Linux's were not very good so I have them because I horde junk. SuSE 7.2 is running duel boot with 2000 on a couple machines and I love that combo. BeOS was fun for a while, but it is pretty much dead for software.

    At the office I sometimes play with Win XP Pro, but I can't say I use it regularly.
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    Aug 2001
    WinXP Pro
    Win98 (although I just deleted it)
    WinME (argh! came with the comp and my mom won't let me change to XP )
    Red Hat 7
    SuSE 7.2

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    Win XP pro
    Win 2K pro
    Windows .NET Advanced Server
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