Thread: Linux Inst ???

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    Linux Inst ???

    mini cube: SS51G
    Std floppy drive
    HP DVD RW drive

    Debian linux: disk 5 bf2.4 + Disks 1, 6 & 7
    Harddrive: 20 GB
    Win partitions C: 8GB NTFS, D: 2G FAT32
    Linux partitions boot 10 > 100 MB, swap 512MB, / 2GB.

    I will create more partitions and mount as need be, this for now is to get "my feet wet" with linux. My question is, do any of you guys have a better configuration scheme. All comments and suggestions welcomed.

    Thx in advance!
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    Linux partitions boot 10 > 100 MB
    Which is which?

    I'd have a /home partition, for personal files. But if you're planning on using that 2GB FAT 32 as your storage, then just mount it under /home or somewhere.

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