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    Football is pooey.

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    Originally posted by frenchfry164
    Football is pooey.
    Take a hike, useless.

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    Originally posted by PJYelton
    Hey it was fun, I hate how the season always seems to go so fast. Hopefully next year we can get some more people to join.

    PS: GO BRONCOS!!!!!!
    I'll deffinately join next season! I've been in two other leagues this year and lost both oh well.

    P.S.:: GO GREENBAY!!!! green for mvp of nfc!!

    P.P.S.:: But the two major suprises of this season so far in my opinion are eagles and vikings. How can a team that started out 7-0 not make the playoffs?!

    some entropy with that sink?

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    I don't understand what you guys mean lost??? For me I created my team at Yahoo on week16. I make advertise at public league and now others team which start at week16 join my league. Some league I join also. I am in 6th in some and 1st in my own league. What do u mean lost??

    I've been in two other leagues this year and lost both oh well.

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    That was a practice shot, next year its on.

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