Thread: eamil Account Hacked, appologies if gotten an obsene PM

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    eamil Account Hacked, appologies if gotten an obsene PM <-- first forum appology
    Incase it has happened here, I am just posting to appologise for whatever happened, Incase you didn't know, under my forum name at CC (, and via my drk_nemesis hotmail a bunch of crude and uncalled for messages were sent.

    Ok, yea someone hacked my email, better change my password here as well...
    So, as with what I did after i got my email back (oddly enough)

    Dear all recipients of the crude PM sent by an unknown user using my account,

    I am sorry that this happened, unfortunately I cannot reverse this, however, I can appologise for these crude actions that have been set in motion, I will atempt to ensure that this does not happen again by changing my password, I feel that this has been a violation of my name and hope that everyone can realise that it was not the original creator of this account (same as this poster) that send the PM.

    I just hope it didn't happen here, sorry if it did

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    dont make all your new passwords the same as each other.

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