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    What are the different assembler's, where can I download then, and where can I find good tutorials for them? Thanks .
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    NASM seems popular.

    Try, they have some assembly guys.

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    NASM is the greatest. Although I still use MASM32 for windows apps.

    You can make 2kb programs
    Once you have masm32, install RadASM IDE. Everything's easy from then on.

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    As the Nasm and Masm are already posted I just add the missing ones

    These ones are still being maintained by each author..

    Fasm : ( Linux, Windows)
    GoAsm : (Windows) Extended Unicode Support
    RosAsm : (ReactOs, Windows) IDE included. Needs time to get used to.
    HLA: (Windows) Kind of High Level Assembly, Looks weird. Must be a kind of joke.

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