Thread: how many credits does it take to get a degree?

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    how many credits does it take to get a degree?

    Just curious how many credits it takes to get a bachelors degree, assuming each class is worth 3-4 credits each.

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    A quick check to a University in my area said that 180 quarter units are required.

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    it kindof depends on the major and the university. hmm... now i'm curious how many i'll need to get a bachelors..

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    At my university you need 120 credits = 40 classes. So, basically 4 years, 2 terms per year, 5 courses per term.

    >it kindof depends on the major and the university

    this is true. Im doing a comp sci major. Other majors require different things. Also, different universities use different credit systems.

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    well certain things always hold true, you can become a cosmetologist much faster than you can become an engineer, that sort of thing you can always count on.
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    I had to have 139 credits to obtain my BS in CIS and an additional 62 credits to get my second Bachelor's in technical management.
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    You will be well into $5000 to $10000 in credit card debt through college.

    Wait.... Nevermind
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