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    >>> Actually, how could you keep all the files for the site on the same computer?

    You set one up a file server and mount it's disk as a shared drive. You can then put a decent RAID controller in your single file server for reliability, and backups are simpler because you only need to back up the data from 1 machine. A UPS is nice as well.
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    Ahh, such a simple answer, I can't believe I didn't think of it *blushes* thanks very much!

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    >>For a website, the bottle neck is not in your machine, it is in the ethernet connection.
    Not if you're using server-side scripting.
    A server can serve out pages faster than your connection can get them out.

    If you are going to have only one IP address, everything will be going through your gateway and out through one connection to the internet (ie bottleneck). If you want a mega site to works fast, then you will need multiple IP address and a seperate connection for each you. Now if we were in a perfect world every computer on the internet would be connected to each other with fiber optics, and then the server would be the bottle neck. Maybe in my lifetime, it will be a total fiber optic internet.
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